Raphael Arutyunyan artistic production


A book, dedicated to the work of the famous Estonian artist Raphael Arutyunyan

  • 560 pages of high-quality printing
  • reproductions of sculptures, drawings and paintings
  • articles of a world-famous art critic Boris Bernstein, an art critic Alexander Sidorov and a literary critic Emma Darvis
  • The book is published in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Estonian

From the publisher

The book you are holding in your hands is the result of the work of many people who enthusiastically worked on its creation.

In the first place, it is my father Rafael Arutyunyan, who over a period of 40 years created truly emotional works in different kinds of fine arts: sculpture, painting and drawing.

From my part, I was able to gather people who are not just professionals, but are truly passionate about their work, who worked on the book with great enthusiasm: Boris Bernstein (Doctor of Arts, Professor), Alexander Sidorov (art historian, assistant to the president of the Russian Academy of Arts), Emma Darvis (literary critic) and many others.