Unpublished poems

The artist comprehends the reality and shares his thoughts with all available means. Raphael Arutyunyan’s collection of these means is constantly expanding. Once graphics was added to sculpture, later painting joined them.

Yet, as if all this was not enough, in recent years he has discovered a poetic gift. His poems cannot be confused with anything else; they bear the stamp of the fine arts of the master. From sculpture they inherited proportion, from graphics – psychology, from painting – imagery. And from the artist himself, they got heartfelt sincerity, kindness and honesty. The poetic lines of Raphael Arutyunyan will allow nobody to stay indifferent. As one of the readers aptly remarked, “they make me laugh, cry and think”.

Some of the master’s poems were published in the books of “100 Poems” and “Visions of a lonely artist”.

You can read unpublished poems here.
Emma Darvis
Literary critic