Memories of one man


These memories will interesting for all the people who are not indifferent to history and who would like see how time is reflected in the life and soul of a man. A wonderful sculptor Rafael Arutyunyan took up his pen to tell about his past, his ancestors and his own vision of past decades. A contradictory and tragic era that we shared is expressly reflected in the fate of one man. And the reader gets an opportunity to compare the experiences of the author with his own feelings.

Here you can find exotics, when it comes to some distant lands, and the pathos of the universal perception of the world, and a very precise and sincere philosophy.

Arutyunyan has an inquisitive and all-seeing eye of the artist, and very expressively, he shares his observations with the reader. The book kindles a genuine interest. Everyone will find something for himself in in – depending on life experience – and will close the book with appreciation to the author.


The book was published in Russian

The book can be downloaded in pdf format